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The Following Section Is A Statement From The Rental Agreement

(d) This Chapter applies only to the maximum liability of an authorized driver to the lessor resulting from damage to the rented vehicle and not to the liability of another person. Tenants and drivers agree: Personal data (including name, address, driver`s license of the renter and driver) the company declared to the National Rent-A-Car Association on the basis of Article 18, Section 7 or Article 24, Section 1, is kept by the National Rent-A-Car Association for a maximum period of 7 years and the information is provided by the National Rent-A-Car Association, of their affiliated association rent-a-car used with each prefecture and government of the city and its member. 4. «business tenant» means, for each sponsor of a business program, a person authorized by the sponsor to enter into a lease agreement under the promoter`s business program through the use of an identification number or a name or program code. In no case does the term «business tenant» include a person who rents as follows: (B) A plan, program or other agreement established by a lessor upon request or with the agreement of a business sponsor, under which the lessor offers to rent passenger cars to persons authorized by the developer at basic rental prices per period, and all other material conditions relating to additional charges, which are not identical to those that the owner offers to the general public. 2. Provided that either the renter or the driver returns Rent-A-Car to a place other than the one indicated, without the agreement of the company, in accordance with Article 21, section 1: even if the one-way Drive service fee is lower than that already paid for the one-way Drive service. If the one-way service fee from the original place of departure to the place where Rent-A-Car is actually returned is higher than those already paid, the tenant pays a penalty for the change of place of return to the company as follows. In this case, the tenant is obliged to immediately return the Rent-A-Car and equipment to the company and immediately pay the company overdue goods or unpaid gas bills (if any).

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