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Teaming Agreement Usaid

The order activity should evaluate the team agreement: the CTA contract document is developed exclusively by the team partners and submitted to the buyer as part of the response to the invitation. The GSA recommends addressing at least the following points of the agreement (additional points can be added by the team to ensure a clear and accurate document): Eric Bolstad is an experienced international development expert and provides expertise in acquisition and support (grants, cooperation agreements, associated awards directors) and international operations for federal authorities. As project leader, Mr. Bolstad leads and leads the implementation of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Global Health Support Award. «Contractor Team Arrangement Agreement» means the written agreement between team members indicating the responsibilities of the team and each team member. The CTA team agreement should indicate the role and responsibility of each team member in the work done at the order level. These roles and responsibilities are defined by the team, not the government. The following terms and definitions apply to the GSA Schedules team: previously, Mr. Bolstad was Director of Finance and Administration for the Millennium Challenge Corporation Indonesia Immunization Project, Director of the International Development and Relief Support Campaign (IRD) in Indonesia and Regional Director of Balkan Finance for IRD in Serbia and Montenegro.

In these positions, Mr. Bolstad ensured compliance with customer rules and agreements, set up financial systems, developed acquisition and grant policies in accordance with U.S. government rules, and recruited and trained local staff. Previously, Mr. Bolstad was Senior Director of Finance and Operations for the Academy for the Development of Education (AED), Senior Contract Administrator for AED, Senior Grant Administrator for the American Center for International Labor Solidarity, and Democracy Officer, Program Analyst, and Contract Specialist for USAID. NOTE: FAR 9.6, Contractor Team Arrangements, does not apply to gSA Schedules Teaming. As part of GSA calendars, Teaming allows contractors to use their individual GSA calendars to develop a solution for the government. Florence has over 11 years of experience overseeing programmatic, operational and supporting multi-million dollar projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Most recently, Florence served as deputy party leader for the Evaluation and Analytical Services (EAS) project, funded by USAID/West Africa Regional Peace and Governance Office and implemented by Mitchell Group, Inc. Previously, Florence worked for AECOM International Development, the World Bank, the United Nations Foundation, and Chemonics International in various roles for USAID and World Bank-funded efforts. Florence has a Master of Foreign Service in International Development from Georgetown University and a BA in International Relations and Economics from Mount Holyoke College. `team leader` means the contractor designated as responsible and whose responsibilities have been defined in the CTA Agreement.

Before joining Jefferson, Mr. Bolstad was Associate Director of Finance for FHI 360, where he advised department heads in compliance with USAID and other U.S. government regulations, as well as in the management of different types of contracts (CPFF, CPAF, Time and Materials FFP and ID/IQ) and support assignments. . . .

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