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Super Carrier Initiative Agreement

As part of the ministry`s unity of effort initiative and with the creation of three new DHS Joint Task Forces (JTF), CBP is enhancing our cooperation with other DHS components – particularly ICE and USCG – to use the unique resources, authorities and capabilities of each authority to more effectively and effectively carry out our border security missions against transnational criminal organizations. Drug trafficking and other threats and challenges. The functioning of JTFs increases the exchange of information with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and improves transnational criminal prohibition operations based on criminal information in order to disrupt and dismantle TCO operations. CBP, along with our international, federal, governmental, local and tribal partners, is committed to reducing the risk associated with TCOs by addressing threats within the southern border and in the common area of intervention. In March 2016, as an example of other CBP counter-tunnel efforts, cooperation through the cross-border coordination initiative and binational tunnel teams led Mexican officials to draw the attention of USBP agents in Nogales, Arizona, to the discovery of a tunnel entrance in Nogales, Sonora. During its investigation, USBP discovered that the incomplete cross-border tunnel stretched about 30 feet toward the United States. Since agents discovered the first illegal tunnel in Douglas, Arizona, in 1990, 195 cross-border tunnels have been discovered – 194 along the southwest border and one along the northern border near Lynden, Washington. The study of a cross-border tunnel is a particularly dangerous task in which an agent must crawl in a normally dark and narrow space with unknown structural integrity and the potential to face a large number of threats. In some of the narrowest and most dangerous tunnels, the Nogales Tunnel team uses a wireless robot equipped with cameras to study the passages. After the study of a tunnel, the passage must be completely renovated or blocked in order to avoid any new use. A substantial and timely exchange of information is essential for the targeted prosecution and prohibition of TCOs involved in drug trafficking along the south-west and north borders. CBP contributes to several initiatives to enhance and integrate the combined intelligence capabilities of several federal agencies, including DHS, the intelligence community, and the DOD — as well as our state, local, tribal, and international partners. For example, CBP is involved in the implementation of the Office of National Drug Control Policy`s efforts, led by the Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy, which focuses on improving information and exchanging information between law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels.

From the use of laboratories to the improvement of relations with partners, we are committed to creating an information and information company for the benefit of all those who fight against drug trafficking. . . .

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