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Cupe Local 2745 Collective Agreement

Join CUPE AGAIN TODAY and send an email to an organizer: sdelaney@cupe.ca On January 24, your negotiating team requested conciliation. This means that the labour authority will appoint a mediator to help both parties try to reach an agreement. Call (506-458-8059) or email sdelaney@cupe.ca. Ask to speak to an organizer. He or she is a specialist in labour law and answers all your questions. All contacts with CUPE are confidential. At that time, many districts informed their staff of the school`s closure for two weeks and that it would be treated as a storm dim, your president, Iris Lloyd, worked hard to stay in touch with the Department of Education and our local sister, Theresa McAllister, president of Local 2745, to ensure that all questions and concerns from members were heard. We always have unanswered questions and we will not stop until they have an answer, the situation changes every day and we will inform the membership if we learn more details. In CUPE, members are responsible. Each CUPE resident decides on their negotiating priorities, when a new contract will be concluded and how the funds will be managed. Together, we receive and improve wages and social benefits, improve health and safety conditions and make your job better. On January 15, your bargaining team met with the employer, we did not reach an agreement. CUPE Local 2745 Executive you and your families have in our thoughts at this difficult time.

In New Brunswick, there are more than 200 CUPE people of different sizes. The smallest inhabitant has half a dozen members, while the largest has nearly 10,000 members. Canada has more than 2,382 CUPE residents. Almost every municipality in the country has one or more cupe residents. Many residents or sub-Indigenous people are affiliated with a provincial council to coordinate their negotiations, campaigns, lobbying efforts and much more. A local union, often referred to as local, is the establishment of our union, located close to your place of residence and/or work. Premises are usually designated by numbers, for example.B. CUPE Local 1234. They are made up of members like you and leaders you choose from your ranks. You belong to your inhabitant, who is in your province. As always, you can speak to your zone shop steward, regional vice president or interior vice president or visit our CUPE 2745 Facebook page. The CUPE 1253 Board has been protecting this collective agreement for 52 years.

Your collective agreement is under attack. It would appear that this government is trying to deprive our bargaining power. Your team of 1253 negotiators and all the other CUPE residents in this province continue to resist. We say no to concessions. To do this, we always need the support of you, the members. Other CUPE members are elected to leadership positions within their local region. Aboriginal people make their own bargaining demands, cooperate with the national representative to negotiate their collective agreement, deal with complaints with employers, and decide what issues members wish to support. «I thank both negotiating teams for this agreement,» said Roger Melanson, President of the Treasury Board. «This shows our commitment to ensuring that the government treats its employees fairly by respecting the collective bargaining process.» If your resident would like to be connected to CUPE New Brunswick, simply fill out the form below and mail or email it to Minerva Porelle at nbcnhu@xplornet.ca CUPE Local 2745 Inner Executive Board Theresa McAllister, Provincial President Christianne Robichaud, Provincial Vice President Sherry Wilkins, Provincial Secretary Treasurer Marilyn MacCormack, Secreta PROVINCIAL REGISTRATION ANNEXES New Brunswick: 5 Steps to Local Certification Remember that the local certification process is confidential…

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