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Collective Agreement Municipalities

[17] If it is intended to replace Section 32, it is manifestly contrary to the mandatory requirements of Section 32(71)(3) of the DSA does not provide for: (a) written extension and (b) approval at a meeting of the Bargaining Board. The RFPs in clause 4.2 acknowledge the provisions of section 32. Section 210 of the LRA provides that in the event of a conflict that that jurisdiction does not respect in the present case, with respect to matters dealt with in the LRA, between the LRA and the provisions of another law other than the Constitution or a law that expressly amends the LRA, the provisions of the ARA take precedence. It is also for this reason that the provisions of Article 32 take precedence. In this regard, the arbitrator correctly found that section 32 of the LRA applied and that its provisions were not met for the terms of the collective agreement to apply to MATUSA and its members. 71 (3).

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