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Tae Aerospace Enterprise Agreement

By moving to our new aerospace production site in Ipswich, Australia, we are also celebrating its 20th anniversary in Asia Pacific. Our team in Scottsdale, Arizona, for 18 years has been in the aviation industry in North and South America. In June 2017, we changed our TAE name to TAE Aerospace to better reflect our core business and the growing offering of products, services and technologies in aeronautics and space. Support your military gas turbine engine with our main repair, overhaul and test services for F404/F414, TPE331 and F135 engines. Our aerospace engine services help defence forces reduce asset maintenance costs and increase time spent on the wing. `); popupWin.document.close Listings / TAE Aerospace Pty Ltd TAE Aerospace Pty Ltd Presentation The Australian property TAE Aerospace provides the world leader MRO, Engineering Services, MaterialManagement – Advanced manufacturing for military gas turbines, APUs, reder -brake. Contact Hangar 71, Aviation St RAAF Base Amberley Amberley QLD Australia – 4306 Phone: `61 7 3282 9911 Fax: `61 7 3282 9955 Mail: sales@taeaerospace.com Website: www.taeaerospace.com Contact This gallery Click here, for Slideshow Video Description Complete Gas Turbine Motor, APU – Component MRO and Engineering Services for Turbofan, Turboprop and Turboshaft applications – Supported by strong OEM and defense relationships, TAE Aerospace focuses on asset management and improved reliability to increase availability and safety while reducing living costs. TAE Aerospace uses its broad skills, experienced employees and collaborative approach to provide more and more customer support. Propulsion Engineering – TAE Aerospace offers a full range of professional services, including asset, life and safety management, with rigorous design change and configuration management processes. Non-standard repair development, state-based maintenance, manual technical design and sponsorship are important. APU test cell design, upgrade and support – TAE Aerospace specializes in design, manufacturing, commissioning, correlation; and ongoing maintenance, calibration and training support for new or improved testing functions. Reliability is a priority to provide our defense customers with a cost-effective and efficient solution. Condition monitoring services – including the design, manufacture and installation of healthcare and surveillance systems (HUMS), spectrometric analysis of oil and waste wear, remote inspections, vibration analysis, gas trend and performance analysis for gas turbines and associated data storage and storage software solutions.

CM defence personnel training is a specialty of TAE Aerospace and offers many benefits to the program. Aircraft components and accessories – Leading MRO services for aircraft wheels and brakes, engine and fuel components, electricity, radio, instruments and avionics are also offered by TAE Aerospace. Support Equipment – TAE Aerospace specializes in the development, manufacture and day-to-day maintenance of new or improved support equipment. We focus on cost-effective designs that meet specific requirements and standards for all of our defense clients. Advanced Manufacturing – TAE Aerospace manufactures state-of-the-art liquid-cooled avionics cases, cold plates, heat exchangers and other products with proven aluminum welding processes and a wide range of internal manufacturing capabilities for a number of international and domestic customers. Anzahl der Mitarbeiter: 200 ACN: 103,070,015 ABN: 64 103 070 015 Betriebsjahr: 2000 Nummer Postbox: 133 Postbox Postleitz : 43 06 Post box Locality: RAAF Base Amberley Post Box Region: QLD Accreditations: Unsere branchenf-hrende Suite von beh-rdlichen Zulassungen unterst-tzt die Sicherheit und Quality of the Produkts, das wir liefern: Australian Defence Force: Authorized Engineering Organisation (AEO) Authorized Wartungsorganisation (AMO) Indonesische DGAC-Zulassung CASA Teil 145 und Teil 21.M FAA Teil 145 EASA Teil 145 AS9100C fer die Luft- und Raumfahrtherstellung ISO 9001:2008 OEM-Wartungs- und Servicegenehmigungen Key PersonnelCEO: Andrew Sanderson

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