Renew Enterprise Agreement

For this reason, it is important that you get a professional who will help you prepare for your EA renewal as if it were a software audit, because it could be easily converted into one depending on how things go. From the guide to the enterprise agreements program. An ea is a three-year contract and requires the simultaneous acquisition of at least 500 licenses. The most frequently acquired licensing options are Office 365 plans – each combination of the E1, E3 and E5 licenses would count. Customers pay at the same time throughout the year, which is unexpected for a subscription service and can complicate cash flow. All user licenses added during the year will be paid on the anniversary, which can also complicate cross-loading volumes. The amounts on the EA may increase during the year, but can only decrease if they provide a communication 30 days before the anniversary. If a company sold a division in the first month after the anniversary, it may have to pay for unused licenses for 11 months. Emerset brings years of know-how and practical experience in Microsoft`s contract negotiations. We have developed a comprehensive process that allows your negotiating team and your leaders to rely on the fact that nothing has been overlooked and they have got the best deal. If it is an Enterprise subscription contract, you must renew the contract to continue using the software, or else you have the option to purchase the licenses, if you do not extend them, you must uninstall. To make an informed decision about a renewal of EA or ON SA, which is almost the same thing, the IT team has to do some homework. It must carefully examine all sa elements and assign them a value.

A simple decision support table will help you evaluate and compare alternatives with all relevant aspects in mind. The most important part of SA is by far the upgrade rights, the value of which does not depend on the next upgrade, as one might think, but on the next upgrade. Customers may not be on the latest version, but they already have the eternal rights to their existing EA. SA will be valuable if and only if the next, but an upgrade to a version that will come during the duration of the agreement. For example, companies that do not expect to look beyond Office 2007 for 4 or 5 years should probably drop SA, as Office 14`s rights will be of minimal value to them, as they can skip this version completely.

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