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Cibc Dividend Visa Cardholder Agreement

All CIBC credit card agreements, performance details, changes and insurance certificates can be found here a one-time annual discount for you (the primary cardholder) and up to three authorized users added at the time of application. This offer does not apply to the annual fee for authorized users that is added after submitting the application. This offer is only valid for the first year. If your card application is not approved, you may be considering another card (as revealed by your credit card application). If you are approved for this card, this annual discount offer applies to the annual fee, if any, the alternative card. If you qualify, the discount will be granted and will appear as a credit against the applicable annual taxes under two extracts. Your new credit card account must be open and in good condition at the time of payment of the discount. With effect as of February 1, 2021, the annual fee for the primary cardholder for THE CIBC INFINIE VISA CARD is increased to $120. 1 Earn 4% cash on purchases, less returns, from merchants classified as grocery stores or gas stations or vending machines through the credit card network. Earn 2% cash back on purchases, less returns, from merchants identified by the reseller`s payment terminal such as Tim Hortons or TELUS-Trader. Some Tim Hortons and TELUS sites can be identified by the reseller payment terminal like other resellers.

All other purchases earn 1% cash back. Offers of 4% and 2% cash back are only available on the first 80,000 DOLLARS in annual net card purchases, i.e. all card purchases of all cardholders, for any type of distributor or $20,000 for gas, food, Tim Hortons or TELUS purchases on your account, depending on what happens first; Subsequently, purchases of net cards from all merchants, including grocery stores, gas stations and atMs, Tim Hortons or TELUS, earn cash at the normal rate of 1%. The $80,000 limit and the $20,000 limit will be reset to zero after the day your December statement is printed. Terms and conditions and resellers and categories of eligible merchants may change without notice. Cash Back is earned for card purchases minus returns and not for CASH advances, interest, fees, transfers, payments and convenience bills from CIBC. Credits for returns to your account can lead to a cash deduction at a higher rate of gain, although the return may relate to a purchase that has yielded cash at a lower rate. 0) – return decodeURIComponent (results[1].substring (0.results[1].indexOf (`)). replace (////g, «»), other – return decodeuriComponent (results[1].replace (////`g,/») ), var treatmentID – getParameterByName («treatmentID»), var mktgSourceCode – getParameterByName («mktgSourceCode,» «»); var dynamicContent – getParameterByName («exp»); var btn1 – «#button-visa-now»); var btn2 – «#button-visa-student»); var btnbanner1 («#btn-banner-apply-now»); var btnbanner2 («#btn-banner-apply-student»); Check that the URL setting has treatmentID and mktgSourceCode if (treatmentID! – «MktgSourceCode! «») – var cta1 – «?productCodeIndicator-DC-productCodeType-UI-mktgSourceCode» – mktgSourceCode – «treatmentid- treatmentID» var cta2 – «?productCodeIndicator-DC-productCodeType-ST-mktgSourceCode» – mktgSourceCode – «treatmentID» – treatmentID; btn1.attr («href,» btn1.attr («href»). [0] – cta1); btn2.attr («href,» btn2.attr («href»). [0] Cta2; btnbanner1.attr («href,» btnbanner1.attr («href»). [0] – cta1); btnbanner2.attr («href,» btnbanner2.attr («href»).

[0] Cta2; Check if the URL setting is CK if (dynamicContent – `CK`) (btn1.attr («href,» «www.cibconline.cibc.com/ebm-resources/public/omni-account-open/client/web/index.html#/?productCodeIndicator=DC&productCodeType=UI&mktgSourceCode=962&treatmentID=2014193″); btn2.attr («href,» «www.cibconline.cibc.com/ebm-resources/public/omni-account-open/client/web/index.html#/?productCodeIndicator=DC&productCodeType=ST&mktgSourceCode=96

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