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It was argued that the agreements between LEMOA, COMCASA and BECA had been concluded in advance between the United States and non-aligned partners, without taking into account the loss of sovereignty. They also apply to all countries that receive advanced technologies in the United States and do not apply only to India, and simply provide a legal framework for the transmission of logistics supplies, communications security systems and geographic data, without India having to source these goods and systems from the United States. However, there is another view that these so-called fundamental agreements are clearly not in India`s interest, as they have the potential to violate the sovereignty of the signatory states by summoning their loyalty. Well, PMs choose the boards (and consultants) they like and not always because it serves the national interest. The agreement was signed during a meeting between Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mark T Esper. This bilateral agreement will allow for the exchange of classified and unclassified data on geographic data and satellite images, maps, topographic maps, nautical and aeronautical maps, as well as geomagnetic and geophysical data between the two countries, further increasing India`s military capabilities. It will also strengthen cooperation between the Indian and American air forces in the near future. Agreements such as COMCASA and BECA may also be lacking in promoting maritime awareness (MDA). There are other ways to exchange information to get MDA on a case-by-case basis.

B as a recently concluded technical agreement for the joint use of data for the shipment of white sheaths. A distinction is made between «white hull forces» such as the coast guard and «grey hulls,» which are regular naval forces. One of the pitfalls of these agreements is that, because they improve the access of signatory countries to American technology, they also unquestionably lock them into the American legal system. Jaishankar contributed to the negotiations on the nuclear agreement and then lobbied the various posts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) and the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO). In short, what are the stakes of these different agreements and what do they say about The thinking of Modi and Jaishankar? India is expected to sign the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geographical Cooperation (BECA) and the Protocols of the Technical Maritime Information Exchange Agreement (MISTA) at the 2-2 Ministerial Dialogue in New Delhi on Tuesday. These two pioneering agreements will not only help India and the United States better cope with China`s growing military might, but also make The Quad a future deterrent power block. The quad bike is a planned alliance between the United States, India, Japan and Australia. The analysis of the results of Narendra Modi`s foreign policy – the continuation of the Indian government`s approach and policy in the era of P.V. Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpaye and Manmohan Singh – and the central role of S.

Jaishankar in the development of several important agreements in the service of this policy could be a good way to assess his success. You`re lucid. The Indian Gvt does not do much research. If it were to conduct proper investigations, it would know that the United States is facing unprecedented changes due to demographic changes, while the financial sector has slowly stifled the economy because the ideology of «shareholder value» prevails, because the company`s executives are in conflict with financing, because they are taking advantage of the rising share price. , while they undermine the company.

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