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Voting Process For Enterprise Agreement

Most customers prefer to have access to the Enterprise Agreement and other integrated materials themselves. You must take appropriate steps to explain the terms of the agreement and its impact on staff in an appropriate manner for your audience. We can help by providing links to relevant documents directly on the voting site and adapting our communication as needed. Enterprise agreements are adopted by a majority against a majority. The Fair Work Commission does not specify how the vote should take place, so it is at the discretion of the employer. There are a number of reasons why it is useful to hire a professional third party like GoVote to make your choice of EBA. Here are three of the most important ones. Before we start, we talk to you to determine the best design of the voting environment that matches your individual needs. We are adapting our approach on the basis of this first discussion. When negotiating enterprise agreements, employers generally focus on the terms of the agreement, the negotiation process and ensuring that workers vote in favour of the agreement. It is often less procedurally focused.

Under the Fair Work Act, employers are required to follow many steps within certain deadlines to establish a valid enterprise agreement. These measures include launching negotiations with workers and their representatives, ensuring that workers receive the right information on the enterprise agreement and the consultation process, and then submitting the agreement to the Commission for approval. It is essential that employers scrupulously comply with these measures and be able to provide evidence of compliance. The Fair Work Commission can then help some low-paid workers and their employers negotiate an agreement on several companies and make a decision in certain circumstances. The Commission found that the Fair Labour Act, which provided for a definition of majority, provided for a «rounding rule,» would have been inclined to support the union`s approach. However, in the absence of such a definition, the Commission found that a simple majority or the largest number of valid votes was primarily above the lower number.

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