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Share Purchase Agreement As Per Companies Act 2013

G. The parties now wish to mutually conclude this agreement in order to demonstrate their mutual understanding of the aforementioned purchase by the purchasers of the Shares Sale (hereafter referred to as the «proposed transaction»). A. At the end of a six-month period from the date of execution, the purchaser will immediately attempt to change the company`s management and participation structure; 5.1 Subject to the arrival of the diploma or closure under this agreement, the purchaser («indemnity persons») undertakes in solidarity to compensate the sellers, the company and their directors, senior executives, agents, agents and employees («decided persons») of and against all claims, Debts, shares, procedures, receivables, losses, costs, taxes, damages and expenses that may be collected or incurred by the compensated persons or are the direct consequence of such or such contracts resulting from the commercial activity or the sale/transfer of the sale shares from the date of execution of this contract until the full transfer of the shares to the purchasers of which they are created or related to them. 2.3 The consideration for Shares Sale is the value per share that must be determined by the accountant in practice or the registered valuer in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. The main difference between a share purchase agreement and a share purchase agreement is that a share purchase agreement credits the consideration to the share seller`s account (usually an investor or promoter of the company) who wants to sell his stake in the company. Whereas in the case of a share subscription contract, the consideration paid by the buyer is credited to the company`s account, with the company issuing additional shares at a predetermined price. A share purchase agreement is a faster way to acquire the company`s stake in relation to the share purchase agreement. Nor does the share purchase agreement dilute the participation of the company`s existing shareholders. Before this agreement comes into force, it is very important that the outgoing partner has received written agreement from the company or the outgoing.

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