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Ict Acceptable Use Agreement

This agreement covers the acceptable use of any device (including iPads, laptops, phones and smartphones) used in all contexts within the college. The Acceptable Use Directive describes the appropriate use of the Department`s information, communication and technology resources. Schools are responsible for writing their own student use policies. You will find templates and guides to work with students under Bullystoppers: Student acceptable use agreement. The directive does not apply to students. See the agreement on the acceptable use of students. UKRI The acceptable use of information and communication technologies (ICT) Systems and services Policy E-mail is a written form of communication and should always be considered a formal medium. Any email could be forwarded to anywhere in the world in the end and users should not write anything in an email that they would not be willing to defend publicly. When you access the sixth network of forms via a private computer, it is the user`s responsibility to ensure that the computer has the current antivirus protection and the installation of a firewall. Users must respect the principles and practices outlined in this document, whether they have access to resources from their homes, schools, school facilities or equipment.

The new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) is now available. This page is redirected to PAL from the beginning of Term 3. Be sure to update your bookmarks on the new PAL WEB site. Students must comply with Commonwealth copyright rules at all times. The Internet is made available as an educational resource. It is a valuable learning tool with which students can work in a safe environment. Filtering and activity tracking software is available throughout the university network. All students participate in a digital citizenship program to learn online about appropriate social and ethical behaviours. Any device used at the university should not be used: we ask students to accept the following specific points: The sixth form reserves the right to prohibit students from using ICT devices and/or to bring their own devices to the sixth form if this has caused damage or disruption to the sixth Form services or can reasonably be interpreted as appropriate.

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