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Hillingdon Planning Performance Agreement

When a planning request for a major development proposal is submitted without a planning performance agreement, it is determined without the long-term dialogue that normally takes place on these provisions. For larger and more complex planning proposals, it is strongly recommended that a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) be concluded. The main advantage of introducing an AEA is that the Board has the resources to ensure that your application is timely and generates quality development. A planning performance agreement certainly helps to transform a large demand into an agreed timetable with meetings in order to resolve the problems encountered during the application process; signing a planning performance agreement between the applicant and the local planning authority does not affect the outcome of a planning request and does not provide a guarantee for the building permit. Defining important planning applications within the 13-week legal time frame, while making the best use of the land and the best outcome of the surrounding community, can be complex and difficult for all concerned. In the event that the building permit is issued, it is useful to agree on a program to deal with planning conditions and all other necessary modifications. An AAE is highly recommended for the use of resources from both parties and a submission agreement is provided below. Mandip Malhotra ( and Noel Kelly ( are available to discuss the details of an AAE. We believe that the use of performance planning agreements in Islington allows for the best results for all, and we strongly encourage their use. At the end of the page, you will find three PPA models that cover the pre-application phase, the planning phase and the post-decision decision phase. This feedback tool improves our pages. To report a problem with a service, please send an email A free customs planning service is available to cover housing advice for third parties, including those affected by the proposals.

Note: Due to the security measures introduced by COVID-19, the service`s planning service is facilitated by e-mail correspondence with limited telephone appointments. If you would like general advice on housing applications or to help you complete planning application forms, please email a request to our planning information officer. You can also apply at the point of contact on 01895 250230, where you can leave a message and one of our planning managers will call you if you have any capabilities. Planning Performance Agreements (AAAs) allow for a more personalized project management approach for inclusion, negotiation and definition of planning requests and to go through this process outside the 13-week legal deadline.

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