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Applicant Consents Authorizations And Agreements

For duplication, transmission and reactivation requests, the applicant must provide only his current address (street number and name, city, province, country, zip code) and telephone number. If the applicant was born abroad with Canadian parents, he must provide a copy of his birth certificate abroad. For applicants who have lived outside Canada for 6 months or more without interruption, confirmation documents are required outside the country. More information can be found in out-of-country audits. (A full image of Section C is displayed. It shows an applicant requesting reliability screening, since only the C1, C2 and C3 fields have been completed. Boxes C1, C2 and C3 are control boxes for applicants. The applicant completed its initials in the «initial directions» fields of C1, C2 and C3. The company`s owner, security staff or the company`s assistant security officer completed the fields «Official`s Name,» «Official Initials» and «Official Phone Number» [with prefix]- The applicant has signed and dated the confidentiality statement indicating that he agrees with the information contained in this statement.) If the applicant checks «yes,» make sure they are indicating the correct name of their employer or government agency, the level and year of the screening. This is particularly important for screenings of what is done by other departments. If the Utility and Procurement Canada Contract Security Program is to review the authority conducting the security review of the applicant`s personnel, this will result in significant delays. If the Utility and Supply Contracts Security Program Canada finds that the applicant has not been honest, he will most likely have to meet with the applicant for a technical interview. This results in significant delays and may result in their insurance status or security clearance not being recognized.

Even the beliefs that came in 25 years ago must be disclosed. When the form is completed with the Personnel Safety Screening Service (PSSS) in OLISS, the fields to be checked by the applicant are identified as mandatory fields. The applicant must also enter his surname at birth, even if it is identical to the surname. The applicant must check the corresponding box as shown below: If the applicant arrived in Canada less than 5 years ago, he must provide a copy of one of the following immigration documents (both parties): ensure that the date of birth entered corresponds to the date of birth indicated on the applicant`s identity card. By deciphering and starting the right boxes, you (the applicant) authorize your identity, employment history, training, job qualifications, criminals, credit history and/or loyalty to Canada. A new application is required for applicants who have never had a personal screening.

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